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Innovate Materials is a professional manufacture and sales company in the field of GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Polymer) molded Gratings, GRP Pultruded Gratings, GRP Profiles,  GRP handrails, GRP cable  trays, GRP ladders and GRP structural Handmade products and so on, which are sold to places all over world.

Innovate Materials strength is to provide customized solutions according to the client needs and requirements. We at IM strive to offer the solutions not the products.

Innovate Materials administration group has profound roots in the composite fiberglass industry. The development and extension of IM has been made conceivable through business acquisitions, building new plants, and venture into energizing new markets by grasping new items and raw material advancements.

Innovate Materials is continually endeavoring to supply economical and safe FRP products   to the clients. With the higher production capacity, advanced machinery, stable quality and customized services. IM is sticking to the “attitude is everything” philosophy, agreeable and innovative work environment has pulled in numerous talents, and we have a firm with sound of technical team of production, quality and logistics. “Great quality” – “best cost” – “fast delivery” – “professional service”, will interface you and us!

We are always searching for approaches to additionally improve the products and services we provide

 Regardless we trust our customers are our accomplices, and we believe in the power of presence and technical support. We will be with our clients on every project, one next to the other, to ensure their prosperity and success.

 We know safety is a principal. Cost is important, and the structures our clients construct reflect their identity. Our demonstrated engineering abilities and unmatched knowledge of composite solutions bolster our client’s requirements for safe, innovative and cost effective solutions.

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